About Dr Horner M.D.

Dr. Paul Horner M.D.

Hello I am Dr. Paul Horner and thank you for visiting our website.

As a physician, I feel proud being part of our experienced team of dedicated clinicians.

It is a privilege to watch countless patients recover, and I believe that potential is available here for you.

What inspired me to become a physician?

Early service work with a quadriplegic teenager was a humbling experience. The reward was the development of empathy. I developed a desire to do something about the suffering around all of us. Medicine seemed the best way to learn how to do something about it.

What drives me to be a good doctor daily?

I do not want to be a “good” doctor. At the end of the day I want to know that I gave my patients my best.

My hobbies and interests include mycology, traditional climbing, recreational diving and global health.

I appreciate the effort you already put into your health by getting to know your potential medical providers.


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