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What is Chiropractic?

A natural based healing art, chiropractic is an aspect of health care that centers on the spine as well as other joints within the body, and how these joints connect with the nervous system. Literally meaning “to be done by hand,” chiropractic is practiced the world over. Dr. Banishahi uses evidence based techniques such as spinal adjustments to restore function to the joins and to provide nervous system support. We help our patients achieve health and wellness by avoiding unneeded drugs and surgery. You can join the approximate 50 million people in America who seek chiropractic care regularly.

What is a Chiropractor?

A chiropractor is your primary care doctor specializing in the spine, joints and overall physical wellbeing. We focus on prevention and the diagnosis of disorders relating to the spine as well as related pain issues. Additionally, chiropractors also focus on soft tissue, make recommendations for lifestyle improvements, provide fitness coaching and offer nutritional counseling.

What is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

A spinal adjustment uses controlled force to manipulate the spine and joins in order to improve and restore mobility and proper function. Many factors in your life can contribute to spinal and musculoskeletal problems, including stress, falls, accidents and overexertion. These adjustments can reduce the pain you feel, as well as restore movement and leads to improved performance.

What Does Chiropractic Care Cost?

Chiropractic care costs are similar to other routine health care services and are often included in your health insurance policy.

Do Chiropractors Collaborate with Other Doctors?

Every day, chiropractors collaborate with other health care professionals. If you need attention from a specialist from another discipline, we will refer you as needed.

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Precautions for COVID-19

Precautions for COVID-19

Here at LeReve Spinal Care & Pain Management Clinic, we use a hospital grade medical ionization machine to sanitize and disinfect our office after treating each patient.

As a patient, your health and safety are OUR TOP PRIORITY!