Effects of Chiropractic Care

Effects of Chiropractic Care

Good health involves more than simply being free from disease. The complex nature of your body and the way that your systems are connected to each other requires exquisite balance in order for you to maintain proper function.

The idea of wellness is the advocacy of ensuring that this balance and coordination is maintained. By being the biggest advocate for your own body, you are able to prevent injuries and stress before it happens. As we have previously mentioned, while health is not simply focused on the presence or absence of disease, in the same way that being wealthy is not simply the presence or absence of money. There is more to health than simply feeling good. Some problems and illnesses in the body can often be present for a long time before you notice symptoms. For example, heart disease is a condition that develops over a long time, and only with the event of a heart attack is a patient aware that the condition has been progressing.

We are not here to tell you that anyone who maintains a wellness schedule is always going to be protected from disease, pain or sickness. Even people living the healthiest lives are susceptible to health events. There is now way to know who is and who is not at risk of developing certain conditions, but we do know that living well is one of the most ideal ways to put the odds in your favor.

Neglecting your health not only places severe stress on your body, but it can have a devastating financial effect that can have you paying tens of thousands of dollars that you might have been able to prevent. Rather than being able to do the things in your life that you have always dreamed of, such as taking a big vacation, sending your kids to college, or other large expenses that you have worked so hard towards, your money may need to go towards medical bills. In addition, ongoing conditions such as pain the back or neck, or carpal tunnel syndrome, can prevent you from earning a livable wage and will place the burden of care onto your family members. The effects of neglecting health not only affect you, but affect all of those around you.

We regularly see patients who have had their lives turned upside down by pain conditions who then decide to encompass their wellness through newer, better habits. This advocacy for health enables people to go back to work to regain their financial status, participate with their families and even save for their later years.

Investing in your health is a huge change, and it can be difficult to find the time, as well as the money, to change the way you life to promote better health. However, this immediate investment is protection for your health in the future, preserving your money so that you can live the quality of life that you deserve. Not having the money or time now to deal with your health is one thing, but being bankrupted by medical bills in the future is a far worse scenario. Anthony Robbins once said, “you can make time for wellness now or you can make time for sickness later.” While the choice is purely your own decision, knowing the effects of your decision is important.

There are three main points that we wish to impress upon you in regards to your health and wellness:


Health concerns more than just disease.


The body is complex, relying on the proper interaction and coordination of systems to generate proper balance and function.


Focusing on your wellness now is protection for your future health.

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