Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy

SoftWave is a unique patented, noninvasive insignificant risk, non-traumatic therapy scientifically validated to shut down inflammation, recruit and activate endogenous stem cells to vascularize the treatment site for permanent blood flow improvement, kill pathogens and allow the origins of underlying chronic pain to be identified with exacting precision through biofeedback from the patient. These characteristics result in profound reduction or elimination of chronic pain, greatly accelerated healing, and strengthening of tissue (damaged or healthy), commonly after other therapies have failed.


At a cursory glance it could be misunderstood as a familiar therapy, so taking the time to understand what it is and how it fits into the therapy market and one’s armamentarium, is critically important to understand its unique advantages, clinically, competitively and financially. Results are where the rubber hits the road, and that is where an onsite demonstration is imperative. It is one of the rare paradigm-shifting technologies to emerge.


First, it is important to understand where SoftWave (called Spark Wave in the EU) fits into the big picture of the very broad term and market of, “Shock Wave Therapy.”


There are 2 main categories of shock wave therapy:

  1. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT).
  2. Radial Pulse Therapy (radial/ballistic devices go by many names rSWT, rESWT, RPT, EPAT, and many others). They do not produce a true “shock wave” as defined by physics (they produce a sound wave. They work on a different principle, and they are comparatively very limited as to what they can treat. Radial Pulse devices have been incorrectly referred to as “shock wave” for so long that it has stuck.
    – see Cleveland Clinic Study Canada study…https://my.clevelandclinic.org/canada/services/shockwave-therapy),.


Under the ESWT umbrella, there are 2 main categories:

  1. Focused (relying on microtrauma to tissue, very small treatment zone, requires many applications over weeks/months time, and lacks the level of science validating mechanisms of action that unfocused has.) Within Focused ESWT, there are three ways to produce the wave:
    1. Electrohydraulic (of the 3 methods, it is demonstrated to be the most efficient and effective – see attachment from the ISMST),
    2. Piezoelectric (focused and focused/planar, very little published science, typically many applications needed),
    3. Electromagnetic (current models are scientifically shown to not have high enough energy to produce an actual shock wave). See attached Study “Acoustic Field Characterization of the Duolith…”
  2. Unfocused Electrohydraulic (unique to SoftWave). SoftWave doesn’t create or rely on micro traumas. Instead, it gently causes cells to shed micro vesicles, which puts healing cascade signaling rapidly into play. The TRT/MTS OrthoGold 100 SoftWave device is scientifically validated to:
    1. Quickly shut down the inflammatory response at the treatment site. This has been linked to modulation of various signaling molecules, including TLR3, NO, ATP, micro vesicles and exosomes. Results are typically immediate and sustained relief of chronic pain and release of joint adhesions.
    2. Enhance blood flow, this has been linked to the release of VEGF and cytokines. Boosts in ATP leading to neo angio/vasculogenesis at the treatment site and accelerated regenerative effect. TRT SoftWave is scientifically validated to recruit and activate endogenous stem cells.


The unfocused wave pattern results in a wide column of wave energy allowing for a treatment zone that is thousands of times larger than that of a focused ESWT device. This contributes to the remarkable efficiency of the therapy. Typically, 3 to 6 treatment sessions are needed to alleviate most pain symptoms.


In soft tissue applications, SoftWaves elicit biofeedback by which “origins of pain” can be precisely identified, serving an invaluable role in treatment efficiency.


It is of high importance to note that there are no industry standards with ESWT. Therefore, it is requisite when reading a study on ESWT to know exactly what device was utilized. A study using one device may have little-to-no correlation to that of another device.


Stem Cell production is also enhanced with the use of this electromagnetic shockwave therapy.

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