Foot Levelers Custom Made Orthotics

Foot Levelers Custom Made Orthotics with 3D BodyView® Digital Foot Scanner

Why Custom Orthotics? TO EASE YOUR PAIN!

Do you experience pain daily? Maybe you have plantar fasciitis or struggle with low back pain? Over-the-counter inserts may not provide the relief you need. Individually designed Foot Levelers custom orthotics with 3-arch support, however, can.

We use Foot Levelers, the world’s leading provider of individually designed custom orthotics, to ease your pain and get you moving comfortably again.


Scanner Technology

At Le Reve Spinal Care, our Foot Levelers Kiosk, uses engaging graphics and video to show the relationship between imbalances in the feet and imbalances in the body.

​Foot Levelers Stabilizing Custom Orthotics were developed by a Doctor to treat the body as a functional unit, starting with the feet. Custom Orthotics support the three arches in each foot to provide a balanced foundation and protect and support through all phases of gait. The Gait Cycle System® is patented and is only available from Foot Levelers.

Total Body Wellness

They can improve your overall health by supporting your foundation. The feet are the foundation of the body. They support you when you stand, walk, or run. Feet also help protect your spine, bones, and soft tissues from stress as you move.

By stabilizing and balancing your feet, Foot Levelers orthotics enhances your body’s performance and efficiency, reduces pain, and contributes to your total body wellness. Our orthotics complement your healthcare professional’s treatment when you stand, walk, and live your life in balance.

footlevelers pronation

Our Technology

Foot Levelers is the global leader in postural support products to help alleviate pain for millions of people. Their Custom Made Orthotics are clinically proven by 37 research studies to help reduce pain and improve patient wellness.

​Their orthotics are made using 3D scanning technology and what Footlevelers calls their 3 Arch Advantage™
Unlike generic, over-the-counter orthotics, Foot Levelers Stabilizing Orthotics are individually designed for your unique postural problems — not just problems with your feet.

3D Body View Scanner

Additional Documentation

Below you will find some of our Foot Levelers brochures for your review. Please take a look and give yourself an even better understanding of this amazing technology and how it will help you.
Below you will find some of our Foot Levelers brochures for your review. Please take a look and give yourself an even better understanding of this amazing technology and how it will help you.
For nearly 70 years, Foot Levelers has been making custom orthotics that are clinically proven to help reduce pain and improve whole body wellness by balancing the body from the ground up. Your feet are your foundation. And structural imbalances in your feet can lead to issues throughout the body like:
custom functional orthotics
Your feet don’t even have to be hurting to cause some of these issues. Foot Levelers custom orthotics, Shoethotics® and Sandalthotics® can help by properly supporting and positioning the feet.

A foot scan or impression shows how imbalances in the feet lead to problems throughout your body. The orthotics are then made off your foot scan or impression.

Only Foot Levelers custom orthotics support all 3 arches of the foot. Your arches give the foot strength to support the body in a balanced fashion. Balancing your foundation can help relieve pain and avoid future issues. Ask us about getting scanned.

Custom Orthotics Success Story

Kelley Andrews was living with pain and taking painkillers after multiple failed back surgeries. She finally found pain relief after discovering Foot Levelers custom orthotics. Watch her story below.

Multiple Activities? Multiple Orthotics.

If you have more than one pair of shoes and take part in multiple activities, you should seriously consider getting a pair of orthotics for each activity. There are orthotics for sports, work, and leisure. There are even orthotics custom made for children.
Benefit from multiple pairs of custom orthotics

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