1. Does Laser Therapy work for hard to heal wounds or for patients with diabetic neuropathy?

YES! patients with diabetic wounds or any neuropathies have poor blood circulation, therefore no nutrients and oxygen can get to the site of wounds. With laser therapy, we increase the blood circulation in that area, and regenerate new blood capillaries and nerve cells, so the wounds ultimately get healed and the nerve cells regenerate.

2. Why does anyone need to get regular chiropractic adjustments? How would they benefit from them?

Imagine your body is like a car. If the tire pressure of one tire is reduced, not only are you damaging that tire with low pressure, but the other three tires must work harder to keep the car and its weight balanced – slowly damaging these other tires as well.

Your body is the same way. If there is any misalignment in any of your joints or spine specifically, your other joints must work harder for your body to maintain its form and health. Therefore, it’s going to have an extra load on them, and they will wear out faster. Getting regular alignment and adjustment to your body joints, assures that your body weight is evenly distributed throughout your spine, and this limits wear and tear on your body.


3. I have been diagnosed with Sciatica, and I have been getting Injections every couple of months for few years now. How will physiotherapy & chiropractic treatment help me? 

Sciatica can be caused by two major dysfunctions. One could come because of a disc bulge or nerve irritation in the lumbar spine in your lower back region.

The second one is caused by a muscle spasm in the hip area, specifically a spasm of the piriformis muscle. So another name for sciatica is piriformis syndrome. At our clinic we don’t just treat the symptoms of sciatica – we get to the root of the problem and correct it.

We can align the spine with chiropractic treatments, and provide physiotherapy treatments over the muscle that is causing the sciatica pain. This results in relief of the nerve pain since the nerve pressure and irritation are reduced.


4. I am suffering from chronic plantar fasciitis. Is there anything that can help me get out of pain? I have been getting injections and pain medications for few years now and they are not helping.

YES! ESWT [Electrical Shock Wave Therapy] is one of the most leading treatments in the medical industry. It has proven to break down any adhesions or calcium deposits around a tendon.

In most advanced cases, patient get calcium deposits under the foot which is very painful. With ESWT you will get out of pain, and the therapy will activate your body’s own stem cells to repair and regenerate new tissue in the plantar regions, to heal the areas. 

5. Does laser therapy work for any other areas of the body besides the spine ? 

The answer to that question is Yes – Absolutely! Laser therapy is used in a lot of different conditions – PTSD, fibromyalgia, wound healing, arthritis, migraine , neuralgia, disc herniation, rotator cuff syndrome, strain/ sprain, AMD (Age -related macular degeneration), and many more… Laser therapy accelerates the healing process of the tissues, and uses stem cells to repair the damaged or degenerated cells. 

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