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For athletes of any level, sports rehabilitation is an extremely important aspect of healthcare. This multi-disciplinary approach is designed to enable athletes to regain mobility and reduce pain. Our sports medicine clinic in Atlanta consists of a team of experts who have extensive training and experience with sports injuries. We seek to assist athletes in returning to their activities free from pain and restrictions.

Sports injuries treatment in Atlanta commonly treats conditions related to strains and sprains that are sustained through playing sports. These conditions are caused by tearing or overstretching ligaments, known as a sprain, or a tear or injury to the muscle which is known as a strain. However, we routinely see patients that have suffered arthritis, fractures, joint replacements as well as generalized pain.

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A pain management program is the first step in every rehabilitation process. The doctor, or his or her assistant, delivers treatment through methods such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, high power high power intensity laser therapy and thermal application using heat or ice.

High Power High Power Laser therapy is one of the best and most effective treatment protocol for any injuries and treatment.

Ultrasound is used to boost circulation to injured areas so that the healing process can be sped up. This method also reduces the swelling and pain that are associated with the injury. In addition, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, or TENS, can easily relieve pain by transmitting electric signals that go deep into the muscles.

4 Common Sports Related Injuries and How LeReve Spinal Care can help
Sports rehabilitation depends greatly on the patient using the appropriate stretches and exercises that work to extend the muscles back to their regular lengths. By doing this, motion is restored and pain is reduced. Exercise programs involve flexibility, strength, balance and endurance in order to ensure that the patient returns to peak performance. Functional exercises are then used to enhance ability and are specifically delivered according to the type of sports the patient is involved in.

Your athletic trainer is an integral part of your healing and repair process, and can often assist you in preventing future injuries. They are also responsible for the immediate intervention when an injury occurs. Many sports teams engage massage therapists that restore movement through manual techniques as well as reduce the pain felt during regular activity.

Sports rehabilitation benefits greatly from chiropractic components to the treatment plans. A chiropractor is a physician trained to diagnose, treat and prevent issues related to the spine and musculoskeletal system using specialized techniques. Chiropractors are often trained in proper techniques relating to stretching and exercise.

Proper rehabilitation begins with a proper diagnosis of the injury, followed by treatment throughout the entire recovery process. Pain relief and the optimization of muscle length are the key components to sports rehabilitation, and a complete rehab program serves to restore effective, pain-free motion related to sports.

Sports Specific Rehabilitation


The final progression of the exercise routine is the utilization of functional exercises to help return the athlete to his former performance level. Functional exercises are often sport-specific. Athletic trainers often can supply immediate intervention of an injury.


In these cases, the trainer or coach works with the athletes to improve sportsspecific skills, strength, endurance, agility, and other components of athletic ability.

Sports Therapy Rehabilitation


Patients can also visit on an outpatient status for specific sessions with Chiropractors, bodyworkers, and technicians who provide various services in orthopedic rehabilitation centers. These services can vary by institution but may include activities like teaching people to walk after serious leg injuries, helping people learn to use wheelchairs, and helping athletes regain their usual level of function


Just like the name suggests, orthopedic rehabilitation specialists are professionals who are trained to assist in the rehabilitation of people who may have sustained some form of orthopedic injury.

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